Get Your Head In The Game! - 5 Tips On How To Be A Boss Babe

Get Your Head In The Game! – 5 Tips On How To Be A Boss Babe

January 22, 2018

This summer holiday has probably been my most unplanned holiday so far, mainly because my significant other is working abroad and not here to share it with me. We would usually plan an exciting getaway, and spend each waking moment together. This time around I thought I’d just wing it, take each day as it comes, and by doing so I have ended up in the most unexpected places with the most unexpected people, and I’ve loved it.

What I’ve enjoyed most was connecting with friends I haven’t seen in years and also building friendships with people who were once acquaintances, and what a lovely surprise it was to realise how well we actually got on.

Yes, to new friends!

It also gave me a lot of time to think about the goals I’d like to achieve this year, and how I could go about reaching it. Just a bit on what’s on my plate at the moment, last year I was promoted to Interior designer and joined the Spaces team at Weylandts. I also started this fun blog as an outlet for my creativity and as a space to share anything that inspires and motivates me on my journey to becoming the best version of me AKA boss babe! In the hopes that by sharing my journey, it will leave you inspires and show you that anything is possible if you just take the plunge.

This year I have decided to add studying to my already busy schedule, besides that I plan to focus more on my passion project, which I will share with all of you in due time. 😉

I sat down and asked myself (yes I actually speak to myself quite often haha), how am I going to excel in my new job, make this blog a success, continue with my online studies and work on my passion project while having time to hit the gym regularly and remain sane!

After much research, trial and error, here are my 5 Tips On How To Be A Boss Babe.

  1. Get all your dreams and goals onto paper – brainstorming and creating actionable steps

The first step is to get it all onto paper, draw up a mind map for each and every goal you would like to achieve. This also helps with prioritising your goals, so you can focus on those that are more important first. The more you write down and clear you mind, the more space you free up to think up new ideas and thoughts.

It helps to break down your goals into actionable steps, by doing this it seems more achievable, and you are more likely to do it. (Mind over matter babe!)

Once you have your goals and steps in place, you can go one step ahead and dedicate time to achieving those steps, which leads me to tip number 2.

  1. Plan your week in advance

Usually when it comes to weekends I can’t wait to just switch- off, unwind and go out and spend time with friends. Instead I have learnt to use my weekends wisely, I divide my time between spending time with family and friends, going to gym, working on my blog/passion project and planning my week ahead. It’s all about balance!

I dedicate Sundays to doing my weekly planning so that it’s fresh in my mind, it also gets you excited for the coming week. Set out milestones for each step, you can plan it out on a weekly or daily basis. It all depends on what you can achieve, be realistic when planning your steps and find a routine that you are happy with.

I start each day with a to-do list, and as the day progresses I work through my list to achieve as much as I can in that day. I get distracted easily so it takes self discipline to stay focused, but in the end it feels good ticking off your tasks as you achieve them.

To help with staying organised I use my diary and also recently started using a project management app called Asana. There are tons of other apps available like Trello and Workbook. I just chose Asana out of personal preference, in the end it comes down to what works for you.

  1. Always continue learning

I am one to research and read quite a bit, I’m just curious like that. So I’m constantly learning something new, which is great because it helps me stay motivated and in the loop. I made a conscious decision to learn more this year and recently joined Shaw Academy, an online school with so many interesting online courses. This has by far been the best investment of 2018 so far, no regrets here! If you’re interested in checking it out, they offer a 30 day trial where you can do one course of your choice for free!

If you don’t have the time to study, there are many other ways of finding information. Books, blogs, vlogs, there is a wealth of information just waiting to be found.

  1. Surround yourself with 5 highly motivated and positive people

They say you are the company you keep… this couldn’t be any truer! When you surround yourself with ambitions people, it rubs off on you. It influences  the conversations you keep, the things you do and the way you think. Also, the best part is that you encourage one another to be the best you can be while building strong everlasting relationships.

So if there’s someone you know and admire, maybe they’ve started their own company or blog and you’d like to ask them a few questions, pop them a message, maybe set up a coffee date and see where it goes.

  1. Be more disciplined and learn to say no

This one is has been the hardest for me to adapt to, I’m a spur of the moment kind of person, and if something exciting comes up, I’m there! But I have come to realise that there will always be exciting things happening, so there will always be opportunities to go out and have fun.

Like many of us we don’t like missing out, but you will need to know when to take that rain check if you want to achieve your goals! In the end, it’s not missing out if you are spending that time working on building your future is it?

I’ll end this post by sharing one of my very first photoshoots I did last year when I was still contemplating as to whether I should start a blog or not. I had so many doubts, so many things holding me back, like who will do my shoots? Will I have anything interesting to share? Will people even enjoy my posts? Etc. It is quite normal to be afraid of taking a risk or of putting yourself out there to be judged. But if you don’t take that risk you will never know, and I think that’s even scarier!

So I basically begged my boyfriend to take these photos of me, and after seeing them I felt more confident and motivated to give it a go. You may not have the resources in the beginning, but that shouldn’t hold you back. And just by doing this one photoshoot, with no make-up artist or professional photographer, it showed me that I could do this and all those doubts soon disappeared. 🙂

This is just another example of breaking down your goals into doable tasks.

Tell me, do you have any tips that has worked for you and that you would like to share? Comment down below, I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

What I wore:

Skirt: Mr Price

Cap: H&M – found in the mens department

T-shirt – H&M

Shoes: Stan Smiths


  1. Riz

    January 22, 2018 at 10:09 pm

    Love this post !! Made me think about one of my favorite quotes “ You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved “ Looking forward to your next post ❤️

    1. Faz

      January 23, 2018 at 4:25 pm

      Hey Riz! … Such a powerful quote, I think you have definitely done that for me! 🙂 Thank you for your support ❤️

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