Pichulik For Weylandts – The Best Of Both Worlds

November 3, 2017

Things just couldn’t get any better than this! By now you may know my love of decor and fashion is a long standing love affair. So you will understand my excitement when I heard about the Pichulik and Weylandts collaboration. Two of my favourite local brands have come together to create an absolutely breath taking capsule collection of necklaces and bangles.

Pichulik For Weylandts

Scarab Necklace

If you haven’t heard of Pichulik by now then allow me to introduce Katherine-Mary Pichulik, the beauty and brains behind this thriving jewellery brand. Her designs are handmade out of rope and recycled natural materials sourced from Africa and the Middle East. The Pichulik vision goes hand in hand with the Weylandts philosophy which is why this partnership comes as no surprise.

Pichulik For Weylandts

Stone Pendant

She designed this collection with the Weylandts signature style in mind, creating pieces that are bold, authentic and daring. The collection is made up of neutral colours contrasted by accents of beads, stone and woven gold details.

I was lucky enough to have modelled these divine pieces for Weylandts. The detailing in each necklace and bangle is extraordinary. My favourite piece of the collection is the Dual Horn choker; I love how it can be worn as a choker or as a long pendant. The versatility of this necklace allows you to create different looks with one piece of jewellery.

Pichulik For Weylandts

Scarab Necklace

My taste for jewellery is usually simple and minimalist. I don’t often wear big statement jewellery purely because it’s usually heavy and can become quite uncomfortable, which goes against my motto of “comfort is key”. But what I love about this collection is how extremely light weight and comfortable they are to wear. This means you can make a statement without feeling weighed down.

Pichulik For Weylandts

Dual Horn Choker

The Pichulik Capsule Collection is exclusive to Weylandts, you can view the full collection here.

If you love these designs you’ll be happy to know you can get your hands on them at the Green Point store in Cape Town,  and as of today it is also available at the brand new Weylandts Concept store in Sandton mall, Johannesburg.

Now you can get your hit of handmade decor and jewellery under one roof!

**All images supplied by Weylandts

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