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Cosy Up With My Top 10 Favourite Throws

October 20, 2017

As we approach the hot summer days, I can’t help but feel a tingle of nostalgia kicking in. I’m going to miss those winter nights, cosying up with my fluffy throw in front of the TV or with a good book. It feels just like the good old days, when we would spend hours curled up on the sofa watching old 90’s horror films with the family. Yes, horror films was a thing in the 90’s!

Luckily for me, those scorching summer nights are still a few weeks away leaving me enough time to wrap myself up in my most loved decor accent. Nothing beats laying back with your favourite throw, drinking a cup of coffee while listening to the sound of the rain falling outside. It sounds romantic, doesn’t it!

Cosy Up With My Top 10 Favourite Throws

Creating A Cosy And Stylish Home

Besides keeping you warm on those cold winter nights, throws are perfect for adding colour, texture and pattern into your space. I feel like it doesn’t get as much attention as scatter cushions, yet it plays such a important role in styling. It’s an easy way to update your home with the latest trends without having to commit to any big changes.

This practical and useful decor accessory will instantly make your living room feel cosy and inviting. Believe me, your guests will love it! Each time my friends are over for a movie night or just to hang out, they end up snuggled up with one of my throws.

Confession: I am what you call a “cosy snob”, I love being comfortable, warm and cosy and this is why I keep my throws out all year long!

Cosy Up With My Top 10 Favourite Throws

Decorating With Throws

Like fashion, decorating is about layering, mixing and matching to create a space that reflects your personal style. Your home is your place of sanctuary, its a place where you relax and unwind so that you are energized enough to do all the things you hope to do. Whether in your living room or bedroom, throws can instantly add a layer of personal style and character into your home.

Cosy Up With My Top 10 Favourite Throws

Cosy Up With My Top 10 Favourite Throws

I put together a selection of my favourite throws, I’ve been eyeing these pieces all winter long.  I’m not ready to let go of those cosy nights in, especially when there are still so many gorgeous throws up for grabs!

Maybe there’s something in the selection you might like? What’s your go to style for throws? Comment down below, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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TIP:  When buying multiple throws make sure they all work together, look at pattern, texture and colour.

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