7 Tips On How To Shop For Your Apartment - Apartment Haul

7 Tips On How To Shop For Your Apartment – Apartment Haul

December 23, 2017

Whenever I go shopping I get drawn into my favourite stores and often walk out with something I didn’t plan on buying. Typical right, which is why I try my best to steer clear of malls. When shopping for clothes you have an idea of what you want & need, but what about when shopping for your apartment?

I recently did some unexpected apartment shopping when I went to the Weylandts sale, I must admit I am a sucker for sales. (but that’s a topic for another post) Nothing feels better than buying something with really good quality and design at a fraction of the price!

I put together some tips which has worked for me, when hitting the dreaded mall (especially around peak season!

Tip Number 1: Don’t fall for sales

And this is what I tell myself all the time, sales are the best, don’t get me wrong. Just don’t fall for the sale tactics, priotise your list and if it doesn’t make it to the list, just walk away. You can do this!

Tip Number 2: Make a mood board

My colleagues are always teasing me because I literally make mood boards for everything hahaha… it allows you to see the overall look and feel you are trying to create. I use Pinterest for this quite often.

Tip Number 3: Shop with a colour scheme in mind

This will make sure that everything you buy works well together, dressing your apartment is like putting a fabulous outfit together, something that is timeless and something that represents your taste.

Tip Number 4: Buy your small accessories last

The apartment won’t look bare without that art piece of vase, but I’m sure you’ll notice if there’s no rug or lamp in your space. Once you get to the accessories, you’ll know exactly what your canvas looks like and it allows you to get creative and layer your space by adding different pops of colour and texture.

Tip Number 5: Don’t be afraid to go local

There are tons of up and coming manufactures and craftsman trying to make a name for themselves, you can find beautifully crafted wood furniture at a fraction of the cost if you go directly to their workshops.

Tip Number 6: Quality over quantity

It’s easy to clutter your space with many small decor pieces; I know I have done this before. It’s better to spend a bit more and buy something well made and something you know you will love for a very long time. Also, it allows your new favourite purchase to get the recognition it deserves.

Tip Number 7: Decide on silver, brass or copper

Like I have mentioned in my previous post, adding layers of texture and metallics in your space really gives off a well curated feel. Decide if you prefer silver, copper or brass and stick to it. I am always mesmerised by shiny objects, like i’m being hipnotised or something. But if that piece is silver and the bulk of your decor is brass… well then chuck it.

So there you have it, my little cheat sheet guide to shopping for your apartment. Hope you like it, if you have any other tips you may be using, please comment down below! 🙂

Below are some photos I styled and photographed for my Rembrandt lighting  practical at my photography course. I used all my pieces I bought at the sale I mentioned earlier along with some other bits and bobs I recently added to my wardrobe.

7 Tips On How To Shop For Your Apartment - Apartment Haul

Playing with layers of texture, because I don’t have alot of colour in my space, I add interest with texture instead.


7 Tips On How To Shop For Your Apartment - Apartment Haul

For my apartment I chose a neutral colour palette, and added pops of colour with plants. See my favourite succulent strutting his stuff over here.


7 Tips On How To Shop For Your Apartment - Apartment Haul

If you are not big on metallics, you can add interest with any reflective material, like these vases over here.


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